Friends of HNCC

Here to campaign against Camden's Housing Development, "Plan 5".

We are The Friends Of Highgate Newtown Community Centre

Thank you for visiting.

The Friends of Highgate Newtown Community Centre have been active since 2013, helping to make Camden Council become aware of the responses in the community to plans for a development on the site of HNCC in Bertram Street.

Our primary objectives are to help the community

1. know what is planned
2. have the best opportunity to voice concerns and opinions
3. have the means to communicate with their neighbours about it before it is too late to affect change

Please join our mailing list by following the site instructions or by leaving a comment saying “keep me informed”. We will let you know about Camden Council’s activity regarding the site and our efforts to oppose plans for a big development. You can write to us here (again by posting a comment or by email) with your views which will be represented in our open response to Camden.

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4 thoughts on “We are The Friends Of Highgate Newtown Community Centre

  1. As Chair of HNCC, I am delighted that some of our neighbours have decided to form a group supporting the Centre. I do hope that this means that you will join if you haven’t already done so, get involved in some of our activities, volunteer to give some of you time to the Centre or even do some fund raising for us!

    However, you will, I am sure, understand that whatever our personal opinions, the Board of Trustees has been elected solely to promote and defend the Centre and its work and therefore, in the context of the proposed redevelopment of the HNCC site, can speak collectively only about the future development of the Centre itself (that is, our existing main building and the community/sports hall) and must operate a self denying ordinance as far as any wider issues concerning the redevelopment are concerned.

    As I understand it this group is, entirely legitimately, largely concerned with the rest of the redevelopment – in particular the size and design of the flats which the Council is proposing to build on the site. It would therefore only serve to confuse matters and make our negotiations with the Council about the refurbishment of the main building and the future of the community hall much more difficult if your group, entitled as it is ‘Friends of Highgate Newtown Community Centre’ were to be seen as being formally connected with, or ‘speaking for’ HNCC as an organisation. Therefore, it would be really helpful for us if, when speaking to the Council or making public statements, you were to make it clear that you are a concerned group of local residents rather than part of HNCC in some way.

    I look forward to seeing you at some of our activities in the future.

    All the best,


    1. Dear Sean
      My name is Ian Williams – we have met, I live above the community centre. I have noted your comments regarding the need to stress that there is no connection between our group and the board and will make sure that this is passed on. We will be holding an open meeting in the family centre in HNCC at 7pm on Tuesday 17th Sept to discuss the councils proposals. Please come along! Ian

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